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How UniCask Works

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UniCask manages real casks
in digital world.
~UniCask links bonded warehouses (incl. distilleries) and buyers securely.~
Cask tradings are conducted using
cutting-edge blockchain technology for secure
and transparent transactions.

Casks for everyone

By fractionizing ownership, even an
expensive cask can be purchased with a low price.

Robust security with blockchain

Blockchain has realized safe, secured
transactions, and protects your casks (assets).
Experience the unique advantage of UniCask's patented technology,
exclusively powering our blockchain-based cask trading platform!
Key benefits of using UniCask:
For Distilleries

Better Cash flow

and business on

the early stage

For Distilleries

Safe and secure

transactions while

maintaining anonymity

For Buyers

Investing at an early

stage to get the best

valued casks

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