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For buyers
Benefits for buyers:
Investing at an early stage to get the best valued casks
Authenticity Guaranteed: Exclusively from Distilleries and Warehouses
Verifying your casks through UniCask System
** For more details, please visit Verifying your Casks.
Secondary sale is always possible
UniCask can help with bottling
** For more details, please visit Bottling .
Case study of Bunnahabhain
(Staoisha) 2021:
Staoisha is the peaty expression of Bunnahabhain distillery with distinct medicinal flavours.
This is hypothetical and Unicask does not guarantee that it will be reality.
How to start using UniCask?
If you’re interested in our system, please contact us.
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Bottling Requests
after matiration
Depending on the warehouse, you may also have to pay a storage fee per some years when having casks.