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Latest Information > List > Warning against OpenSea scams 2022/03/03(木)

Warning against OpenSea scams

UniCask NFTs are available to mint on OpenSea, however, we've started to see a number of fake NFTs appearing on OpenSea. The collections the fake accounts make are very similar, but the minting account names are different.

UniCask does not have a verified mark yet on OpenSea, so it may be difficult to distinguish authentic UniCask NFTs. To combat this, please make sure to verify and confirm you are purchasing UniCask NFTs with the URLs listed:

UniCask's official Open Sea Account:

Official UniCask collections:

1. Genesis Cask NFT Collection:

2. Non-Genesis Cask NFT collections (Currently there are no NFTS to display yet):

3. NFT Collection for DC NFTs and events:
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