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Glenrothes MEGAMI

商品写真1 Glenrothes distillery is located in the town of Roses, near the River Spey, the region with particularly many distilleries in Scotland. It was established in 1878 and has a long history. The distillery is also known as a source of famous blended whiskies such as "Famous Grouse" and "Cutty Sark," and most of the production is shipped for blending. The release of popular single vintages has made the Glenrothes name well known, but only a small percentage of the production is bottled as a single malt. The distillery has five sets of stills (wash still and spirit still) in a majestic cathedral-like stillhouse, and produces 5.5 million liters per year. Glenrothes takes a longer time than other distilleries to produce its heavy whisky, which also requires a long time to mature.
  • Release date2022.12.16
  • Number of units issued100
  • ItemGlenrothes MEGAMI collab
  • Distilled2012.02.01
  • Bulk Litre200 Litre (incl 5.0L for sample)
  • Alc. Strength66.70%
  • Cask Capacity250 Litre
  • Cask TypeHogshead
  • Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
  • ProducerKingsbury
  • Smallest Purchasable Amount1/100 (1.9 Litre)
  • Bottling Date2032.12 ~

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