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Linkwood Kingsbury
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商品写真1 Linkwood distillery is located in Elgin, the Speyside region of Scotland. It was established in 1821 by Peter Brown, an estate agent, and named after an aristocratic mansion that stood there. In the heyday of blended whisky, it was valued as a key malt for blending due to its high quality and was even called 'the finest malt available'. In those days each distillery was ranked on a scale of up to five stars, with Linkwood receiving a five-star rating. Even today, most of the production is used in blends, with few releases as a single malt. Its light, floral aroma and smooth body make it a popular brand. The distillery is also known for the rich natural environment surrounding it. The nearby ponds from which they draw cooling water are a swan rookery, and swans have become a symbol of the distillery.
  • Release date2022.05.25
  • Number of units issued100
  • ItemLinkwood Kingsbury
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  • Distilled2021.06.01
  • Bulk Litre214.9 Litre (incl 6.0 L for sample)
  • Alc. Strength63.60%
  • Cask Capacity250 Litre
  • Cask TypeHogshead
  • Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
  • ProducerKingsbury
  • Smallest Purchasable Amount1/100 (2.0 Litre)
  • Bottling Date2052.05 ~

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