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Hanyu Single Malt
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商品写真1 What made the Hanyu distillery famous was "Full Card Series", a set of 54-bottles that sold for as much as $1,520,000 at an auction in Hong Kong. The distillery was closed in 2000, but with the support of many who wished for its revival, distilling resumed in 2021.
Mr. Shimazaki, who used to work at the distillery before closure, was appointed as the head of the production, and Hanyu was revived in the same place and with the same lineup. When one of Japan's most famous whisky writers had a sip of Hanyu's new make, he said "(I am) truly impressed by the authentic quality". It may not be long before the Full Cards Series is surpassed by the new Single Malt Japanese Whisky from Hanyu distillery.
  • Release date2022.04.20
  • Number of units issued100
  • ItemHanyu Single Malt
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  • Distilled2022.02.21
  • Bulk Litre195 Litre (incl 5.0L for sample)
  • Alc. Strength60.7%
  • Cask Capacity200 Litre
  • Cask TypeFirst Fill Bourbon Barrel
  • Country of OriginJapan
  • ProducerToashuzo Co Ltd.
  • Smallest Purchasable Amount1/100 (1.9 Litre)
  • Bottling Date2032.04 ~

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