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Since the beginning of UniCask, we have been expanding ways on how people enjoy spirits. In 2022,
UniCask will take on a new challenge of implementing our own DAO called UniCask DAO.
As we will bottle spirits casks at UniCask in the future, we would like our community members
of UniCask DAO to think about specifications of the bottling, and make the decisions together.
Members who thus take part in the UniCask DAO
will be also invited to take part in the marketing of the bottled products.
For a long time, the way we consume spirits has been “one-sided”,
where the consumers only drink the bottled product
made in the specifications decided by the producer.
At UniCask DAO we plan to design a space where each of the participants is involved proactively,
and to establish together new ways to enjoy spirits in the Web 3.0 era.
The participants of UniCask DAO can receive different benefits according
to the level of their contribution to the community.
DAOのイメージ図 DAOのイメージ図

How to join UniCask DAO

Holders of DAO tokens will be able to participate in the DAO. These tokens can be earned by staking any Cask NFTs you own. In the future,
we plan on releasing DAO tokens purchasable through secondary sales.

What you can do in a DAO

DAO voting
By staking DAO tokens,
you can earn Voting tokens*.

Voting tokens allow users to vote in various decisions
within the DAO community.
*Name to be decided
Bottle Redemption
Some DAO members will be able to redeem
a bottled portion of the cask,
according to their contributions
made in the community.