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Get NFTs of finest whisky casks.

Cask ownership for Everyone.
From the end of 2021, you can own your own casks of rare whisky as NFTs, which can be traded and added to your collection.
You can not only own the finest whisky but also make your own collection by playing the NFT games.
Here begins the journey of time…
More update to come on our official Twitter account, please follow us from the link.
Latest Information !
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Secured trade: purchase casks directly from distilleries.

Casks for everyone icon
Casks for everyone.
By fractionizing ownership, even an expensive cask can be purchased with a low price.
Anywhere, anytime icon
Anywhere, anytime.
You can purchase anywhere, anytime in the world to own casks made by distilleries all over the world.
Much more than ownership icon
Much more than ownership.
NFTs allow you to visualize of your assets, while having fun at the same time.
Everlasting security icon
Everlasting security.
Blockchain has realized safe, secured transactions, and protects your casks (assets).
Join us on this whole new adventure where spirits and the digital unite.

Welcome to UniCask.

Whisky and NFTs that will be traded for 20 years, 30 years, 40 years … even 50 years! Available soon.

Collect icon
NFT cards with different characters are issued for a same cask. Collect the cards as you get more ownerships!
Play games icon
Play games
Play games with NFT cards you collect. Winners get rewards!
Share icon
Show off your NFT cards in UniCask community and trade to complete your collection.
Rules and distribution of cards to be announced on our Twitter and discord. Follow us from the links here.
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Road Map

Sept, 2021
Twitter, Discord, Wechat community
setup First round of DC NFT drop
distribution, and whitelist
Q4, 2021
Cask NFT sale and view collection in app
Q2, 2022
DC NFT and Cask NFT traded on
UniCask And third-party platform
(eg. OpenSea, etc)

Q4, 2021
Second round of
DC NFT drop and whitelist
Q1, 2022
Add more spirits casks.
Add cross chain functions
to issue DC nd Cask NFT
This roadmap will be updated as soon as new information is available.

Other ways to enjoy spirits than to drink them.

With your Smartphone, buy a cask, raise it and play games.

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