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Get NFTs of finest whisky casks.

Cask ownership for everyone.
Own rare whisky casks as NFTs, which can be traded and added to your collection.
Play games with your UniCask NFTs to win prize!
Here begins the journey of time…
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Secured trade: purchase casks directly from distilleries

Casks for everyone icon
Casks for everyone
By fractionizing ownership, even an expensive cask can be purchased with a low price.
Anywhere, anytime icon
Anywhere, anytime
You can purchase anywhere, anytime in the world to own casks made by distilleries all over the world.
Much more than ownership icon
Much more than ownership
NFTs allow you to visualize of your assets, while having fun at the same time.
Everlasting security icon
Everlasting security
Blockchain has realized safe, secured transactions, and protects your casks (assets).
Join us on this whole new adventure where spirits and the digital unite.

Welcome to UniCask.

Whisky and NFTs that will be traded for 20 years, 30 years, 40 years … even 50 years! Available soon.

Collect icon
NFT cards with different characters are issued for a same cask. Collect the cards as you get more ownerships!
Play games icon
Play games
Play games with NFT cards you collect. Winners get rewards!
Share icon
Show off your NFT cards in UniCask community and trade to complete your collection.
Rules and distribution of cards to be announced on our Twitter and discord. Follow us from the links here.
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UniCask Characters

On UniCask different unique characters appear on NFT Cards to liven up the game.
Here we're happy to share just a little bit more info on each of the characters!

Card02/MirasCard03/ThatoCard04/Luca Card05/The Cask BrothersCard06/Vicky Card07/Karabo
Card08/AronCard09/MargoCard10/Logan CardJ/Jack CardQ/ZionCardK/KingCard01/Cong


Attribute : Bigfoot

Earth Suit

  • Big feet
  • Kind, Strong
  • Friendly
  • Lives simply
  • Likes crushing fruit
  • Friends with many wild animals
  • Carries heavy casks
  • Gives haircuts to animals


Attribute : Fire Peddler

♣ Fire Suit

  • Covered in burns
  • Wears a mask to cover his burns
  • Nocturnal
  • He respects the Sorcerer(The Sorcerer puts flowers in his basket)
  • Plays with fire
  • The Water King is always dumbfounded that he has to put out Thato's fires. Yet, Thato still keeps playing with fire
  • If you need fire buy it from this kid
  • Friends with the glass artisan


Attribute :
The Glass artisan

♠ Wind Suit

  • A craftsman of glass and bottles
  • Has a balloon for a head
  • Has balloons for lungs
  • Bursting his balloons causes them to fly away
  • Friends with the fire peddler
  • Likes discussions of physics with the Time Rabbit
5-The Brains Markus & The Macho Hans & The Entertainer Emils

The Brains Markus &
The Macho Hans &
The Entertainer Emils

Attribute :
The Cask Brothers

Earth Suit

  • The three brothers do everything together
  • Incredibly well-balanced uncles
  • Triple threat of power,
  • smarts, and entertainment They hate to be rushed
  • Fearful of thieves


Attribute : Cask Dancer

Water Suit

  • Has feelings for the son of a major distillery
  • Dances to a record player that's been passed down from many generations
  • Has feathers from a thief on the top of her pole
  • Longs to be in the deep sea (Her hair has the shape of a fish)
  • Uses the Yeast Guru's pole to pole dance
  • Many people idolize her from all over the world


Attribute : Time Rabbit

Water Suit

  • He tends to hang on trees upside down
  • Likes to toy with time and space
  • Enjoys experiencing time non-linearlly
  • Wants to go to space
  • A big fan of Einstein
  • Likes discussions of physics with the Glass Artisan
  • 3Good friends with the Time Rabbit
  • Good reasoning and speculation skills


Attribute : Son of a
Major Brewery owner

Earth Suit

  • Good sense of smell which he gets from his father
  • Lightning struck the brewery one day and a cask fell on his leg. Ever since he couldn't walk well and now wears roller skates to move
  • Wears cool shorts and roller skates
  • Has trouble seeing
  • Records his dreams in a journal


Attribute : The Thief

♠ Wind Suit

  • Steals casks for her job
  • Travels at great speed riding on her rooster
  • Her rooster flies... for a bit
  • She's a thief on the older side. Yet, no one can seem to catch her
  • Rumor is if you pluck a giant rooster feather luck will come your way
  • The rooster eats Bigfoot's crushed fruit


Attribute : Sheriff

♣ Fire Suit

  • A real cowboy sheriff
  • Puts cask thieves behind bars
  • Although he ain't no superhero, he brings justice to his people
  • Upgrades and updates his robot horse
  • Has a collection of feathers left by thieves
  • Sociable and often have dinner parties (also drinking parties...)


Attribute : The Yeast Guru

Earth Suit

  • A hermit of yeast
  • Yeast from him is of incredible quality
  • Clean air is hard to come by when he is there
  • Has the ability to soak people in yeast and ceases there exitstence
  • Immortal (Yeast hides in many places)
  • Plays with his imaginiation
  • Good friends with the Water King
  • His glasses see beyond the spectrum of the naked eye


Attribute : Sun Queen

♣ Fire Suit

  • Controls the Sun
  • Has many mirrors/glass balls
  • Some say she's a descendant of the Phoenix
  • The glare she emits makes it difficult to see her with the naked eye
  • Her ability to refract light can play tricks on you
  • Her apparel changes everytime she is reborn
  • Perhaps she's had a few interactions with the thief...


Attribute : Water King

Water Suit

  • His exact location is unclear
  • Has no form or shape
  • Important meetings are held in a private bath tub
  • Tired of putting out the Fire Peddlers fires
  • Can be generous, but when upset he floods the city. Better not to make him angry...
  • Respected on land and in water
  • Doesn't fair too well with the Sorcerer's snakes


Attribute : The Sorcerer

♠ Wind Suit

  • A sorcerer, posessed by snakes
  • Wears a purple flower on his head
  • You must accept his flower offerings
  • A single snake bite can change who you are
  • His sorcery has been used for both good and evil
  • His moral standing is unclear
  • Does not talk much, but is omnipresent
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Chris Dai

Chris Dai

Co-Founder of UniCask Co.,Ltd. A blockchain evangelist and had founded multiple blockchain ventures. An early investor of Bitcoin and Ethereum and deeply attracted to decentralized model and its business, social and philosophical aspect. He loves to drink Japanese whisky. Co-authored (2019). Next Blockchain: Ecosystem for Next Generation Industries. Nikkei Business Publications and (2020). Blockchain and Crypto Currency. Springer. He received B.S. in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University in 2004.
Mr. T.T.

Mr. T.T.

Mr. T.T. is the pioneer in the whisky industry. He introduced Single Malt Whisky into Japan for the first time. He has been in cask trading business for over 30 years. He travels around the world to seek fascinating spirits.

Paul Giraud

Paul Giraud

Paul Giraud was born in Giraud family which has been practicing cognac production for over 300 years in the Grande Champagne known as the best region in Cognac to produce cognac. Since he inherited the production in 1974, he has continued to follow his family’s traditional way of growing grapes, manual harvesting, natural fermentation, distillation, and aging. All these processes are taken care of by Paul Giraud himself. By his thorough management during production, Paul Giraud has been continuously releasing the cognac with the highest quality.
Gordon Wright

Gordon Wright

Gordon Wright is a director of Kingsbury Wine and Spirits Co. Ltd, independent bottler established in Aberdeen Scotland in 1989. A member of the founding family of Springbank Distillery, Gordon has worked in the Scotch Whisky industry for many years, including his career as sales director at Springbank. Thanks to his palate prowess Kingsbury has released a number of bottlings hailed as legendary by malt whisky fans all over the world.
UniCask Co., Ltd.
CEO Chris Dai / Chairman KatsuhikoTanaka
#Inspired Lab Otemachi building 6F
1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, Japan, 100-0004
Capital 10,000,000yen

Road Map

吹き出し 2021 Q3
  1. Launching Discord, Twitter, and Wechat communities
  2. DC NFT Distribution, 1st Whitelist Applications
吹き出し 2021 Q4
  1. DC NFT Distribution, 2nd Whitelist Applications
  2. Official service release (Cask NFT sales)
吹き出し 2022 Q1
  1. Polygon NFT Support
  2. OpenSea support
  3. Whole Cask NFT (1 cask) sale
吹き出し 2022 Q2
  1. Glass NFT sales (Hold in-person UniCask events)
  2. Release of on-site giveaway function.
  3. Release of multi-site sales.
  4. Begin Metaverse development
  5. Japan's first whisky DAO announcement
吹き出し 2022 Q3
  1. Release cryptocurrency payments with smartphone
  2. Release of payment function with Polygon
  3. Metaverse public release
  4. Wallet integration function
  5. Support transfers from third-party marketplaces to UniCask.
吹き出し 2022 Q4
  1. Upgrade login function (Common login)
  2. DAO Release
This roadmap will be updated as soon as new information is available.

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